Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grapes and Wine Tags

The weather has been really warm here (read hot!) the last couple days, making the grape vines that surround our house smell heavenly. I have been getting wiffs of them for a week or so now, reminding me that fall is coming soon.

The girls have been out stealing them to snack on so I've been seeing the skins spit out all over the driveway. They are concord grapes so you don't eat the skin or seeds, as my youngest informed me. You just suck the juice out. 

The wonderful aroma reminded me that the wine festival is coming and I have a craft fair that I am going to be in right around the corner. So I decided to make wine tags.

I recently bought the "Let's Toast" stamp and die set from My Favorite Things and decided to play with it. Here are some of the designs I came up with.

all tag photos taken by my wonderful daughter Bekah Joan

It was fun coming up with them, and I have orders all ready! Looking forward to making more for Halloween, as well as Christmas and New Years. Hope you enjoy.


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