Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Okay. I admit that I buy stamp sets that remind me of my daughters! Not that they want them. But they make me think of them.

This is my youngest daughter. She is living in Chicago pursuing her dream of dance. Her dad and I are so proud of her and the wonderful person she is and is becoming. I miss watching her and am hoping to get to some of her performances in the next year. She is with Ballet 5:8 and if you live in the Chicago area and get a chance, go see them. They are wonderful!

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So, of course, when the Holiday catalog came out I had to get the Sugarplum Dreams stamp set. I have many memories of Nutcracker rehearsals and performances! I haven't been able to use it because of my broken arm, but I think it will show up on one of my scrapbook pages of the Nutcracker.

The other stamp set that reminds me of her is Beautiful You. I love the sentiment about dance and the girl dancing. It reminds me so much of Olivia. She dances everywhere she goes. I used to have to tell her to stop when we were in the grocery store. She would do pirouettes down the aisle!

So, do you buy stamps that remind you of people or events? Which ones have you purchased?

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  1. This is a post that's bound to bring a smile to those who read it. I saw the links on BSCG, and couldn't resist.

  2. Hi Brenda! Like Robin, I saw your link on BSCG, so had to come read your post! It's so true - I always buy stamps that remind me of people, places, pets that I know/love! Thanks for sharing your post :)

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  4. I can absolutely relate to this! I always buy the nature themed stamps. Still love my Definitely Decorative set with the moose, bear and pine tree!

  5. I've always bought any stamp sets with ballerinas or dancers as my daughter has always loved dancing and these stamps remind of her love of dancing.
    Great article! Come from BSCG to check it out as I have just joined.